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Product name:6SE7031-7HG84-1JA1
As part of the installation of Siemens electrical expressway system, California Carson City Alameda street two lanes through erecting contact network of electrified. When the electric truck equipped with a hybrid drive and intelligent pantograph is running on the test road, the truck can get electric power from the upper contact network to achieve zero discharge operation. By working with the United States heavy truck producer Mark truck (Volvo Group members) and local truck modification experts, SIEMENS is developing four models of electric trucks. In the case of up to 90 kilometers per hour, the intelligent pantograph can achieve automatic lap or lift truck from overhead contact network to overtake. On the common road without overhead contact network
Model / specification brand / brand SIEMENS (SIEMENS)
Product specifications: new original
Product origin: Germany
Product Description: new original quality assurance price advantage
Product Description: one year warranty. Free replacement of new products within one year of product quality issues; no charge.
My company Siemens brand new original spot PLC operation; S7-200S7-300 S7-400 s7-1200 touch screen, inverter, 6FC, 6SNS120 V10 V60 V80 servo control spare parts: imported motor (1LA7, 1LG4, 1LA9, 1LE1), domestic motor (1LG0, 1le0) large motor (1LA8, 1LA4, 1PQ8) servo motor (1PH, 1pm, 1ft and 1FK, m1fs) siemens Honai new original products' one year warranty. Free replacement of new products within one year of product quality issues; without any fee. Welcome to call the advisory.
S120 SINAMICS SIEMENS inverter is a full range of universal and modular products, the standard device power range from 0.12kW-4500KW, the power supply voltage from the 200-690V are covered. In all power range of the device (inverter, inverter) and system components (rectifier unit, brake unit) have a unified design and the same wiring system. They can be combined in any way and can be installed in parallel to meet the requirements of the transmission system. As a system module, the product can be used to establish the best transmission system for individual transmission, group transmission or multi motor drive. S120 SINAMICS high quality inverter is the most powerful SIEMENS low-voltage inverter system, can drive a variety of low-voltage induction motors, low-voltage synchronous motor and servo motor.
6SE70 digital AC frequency converter, S120 SINAMIC inverter with AC/AC single frequency and DC/AC multi machine drive two forms S120 SINAMICS is a high performance, high precision frequency converter. The hardware has a modular structure design, installation, maintenance is simple and easy, strong software function, so that it is applicable to a variety of complex applications. Can do servo control, vector control, can realize speed control, torque control, position control for a variety of control methods, also can meet the requirements of motion control. A variety of cooling, but also make it can adapt to a variety of situations and applications.
The new precision series outdoor panel working environment temperature range of -30 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius, environmental humidity up to 90%, almost can be applied to any environment and industry. In daylight readable high resolution 7 inch, 15 inch widescreen display. The wide aspect ratio 16:9, screen color up to 16 million colors, can clearly display the complex process parameters and the whole plant production panorama. The height of the anti dazzle, wide-angle visual and automatic brightness adjustment function so that the operator can easily and reliably monitor equipment. This allows the user to read data in variable weather or light conditions.
The core of S-RCM and SIEMENS MMP is a tool for starting status monitoring and generating maintenance plans.
3500 motors provide a period of three years of state monitoring, maintenance, repair and maintenance services.
In t u PRAs refinery maintenance during Siemens will be stationed in the 1 engineers, 10 technicians and a health and safety engineer for long-term supervision.
hot-sale product
6XV1830-0EH10PROFIBUS communication cable
972-0BA52-0XA0 6ES7 fast connection network connection (without programming port)
972-0BB52-0XA0 6ES7 fast connection network connection (with the programming port)
972-0BA12-0XA090 6ES7 degree network connector (without programming port)
972-0BB12-0XA090 6ES7 degree network connector (with programming port)
972-0BA41-0XA035 6ES7 degree network connector (without programming port)
972-0BB41-0XA035 6ES7 degree network connector (with programming port)
500-0EA02 6GK1 no angle network connector (without programming port)
500-0FC10 6GK1 no angle fast connection network connection (without programming port)
The compact CPU can provide: CPU 312C, CPU CPU 313C has a compact integrated digital I/O and integrated counter function, compact CPU CPU 313C-2 PtP with integrated digital and analog I/O, CPU CPU 313C-2 compact DP with integrated digital I/O, 2 serial ports and integrated counter function. The compact CPU CPU 314C-2 PtP with integrated digital I/O, PROFIBUS DP interface and integrated counter function, compact CPU CPU 314C-2 DP with integrated digital and analog I/O, 2 serial ports and integrated counting, positioning function, with integrated digital and analog I/O, PROFIBUS count, DP interface and integrated positioning the function of the compact CPU CPU can provide the following technologies: CPU 315T-2 DP, for the use of PROFIBUS DP for distributed configuration, medium / high volume of program requirements, At the same time need to carry out regular exercise control of the 8 axis of the plant. 317T-2 DP CPU, for the use of DP PROFIBUS for distributed configuration, the amount of the program has a high demand, but also must be able to handle the task of motion control
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