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Bearings for Oilfield Equipment-list stock

Author: Date:5/2/2015 8:53:46 PM

Bearings for Oilfield Equipment

BIS bearing company supply Bearings for Oilfield Equipment. We have many stock for them ,general many of our Bearings for Oilfield Equipment main export to Iran, the Arab countries. we have brands for those bearings : INA ,IKO,NACHI.Following is the stock list .of course ,we only list parts of the stock ,if you have other model require,please contact us .

11168-RT 1331-T-1 C-7424-B BN- ADA-42207
11181-RA 546597 N-2672-B 2-B-493335 ADA-42002
11182-RA 10-6093 C-2313-A 464774 AD-4630-D
11185-RIT 544979 E-1713-B 464766 12-AM-3
11186-RT 546109 C-2314-A BN- 12-W-84
11187-RAB 10-6040 E-1938-B 2-B-493310 12-W-60
11188-RA 10-6092 N-2916-B 464761 7602-0212-78
ECS-620 10-6041 E-1927-B TNU-9238 7602-0212-68
ECS-622 544759 E-1906-B IB-672 6397-0267-89
ECS-629 539187 G-3075-B IB-676 6397-0267-00
HCS-283 10-6164 G-2791-B IB-678 7602-0212-69
HCS-284 10-6062 G-2792-B ADA-16202 6301-0038-00
HCS-285 544513 ZB-26250 ADA-42603 7602-0212-91
HCS-287 543431 ZB-28515 ADA-28364 7602-0212-90
545999 543435 ZB-22000 ADD-42605 F-200636
544000 10-6486 ZB-4260 ADD-42805 10771-RP
545611 E-1837-B ZB-7370 ADA-16223 F-65877
549350 C-7425-B 6301-0038-00 ADD-42205 F-202670
549351 I-2059-B ZB-5620 215-ADA-263 12-RA-44
549993 N-2653-B 6319-0078-00 AD-4540-D 114-Z-01
544758 N-2504-B ZA-4250 ADA-42007 85-X-04
544515 N-2720-B ZA-4251 TB-8029 F-200540
10-6061 E-1769-B ZA-4750 AD-4730-D F-201602
544002 N-2915-B ZA-4500 ADA-26334 G-3145-B
547424 I-2139-C ZA-4501 ADA-42601 F-94477
F-87656 G-3020-B ZA-4751 AD-4814-D F-202675
R-92906 N-2165-B ZA-4752 AD-4644-D F-85928
E-5240-UMR IB-616 140-RU-92 XLBC- 6 1/2 220-RT-30
390-65 IB-631 A-5230-WS XLBC-7 1/2 220-RU-51
F-660781 IB-728 160-RU-92 XLBC-8 A-5136-WS
10551-TVL IB-539 190-RU-92 XLBC-8 1/2 200-RU-91
201-X-02 IB-526 I-1962-G XLBC-10 220-RU-91
10547-TVL IB-527 260-TVL-635 TB-8004 A-5222-WS
10552-TVL IB-731 252-TVL-5050 TB-8007 120-RU-92
TB-8015 IB-702 201-TVL-615 TB-8008 130-RU-92
TB-8016 IB-537 ZA-5000 TB-8009 7602-0210-38
TB-8017 IB-429 ZA-5250 TB-8010 7602-0210-39
TB-8018 IB-411 ZA-7000 TB-8011 7602-0210-41
TB-8019 AD-5040 ZB-9449 TB-8013 F-92905
TB-8020 AD-5140 ZB-11024 TB-8014 E-5224-UMR
TB-8021 AD-5144 ZB-8663 543436 E-5226-UMR
TB-8022 AD-5232-X ZB-8665 510616 E-5228-UMR
TB-8024 BT-10001 ZB-4336 543433 E-5230-UMR
TB-8025 BT-10012 ZB-4712 549829 E-5238-UMR
TB-8026 12-W-58 ZB-5124 548404 IB-325
TB-8027 106174 ZB-5512 544516 IB-359
G-59 106175 ZB-5905 549830 IB-612
G-66 106177 TNU-05036 548408 IB-612
160-TVB-640 7602-0211-09 TNU-05040 542571 IB-336
TP-743 7602-0212-88 TNU-05044 544555 IB-626
TP-744 7602-0212-67 IB-340 240-RU-30 RU-5232
TP-752 7602-0210-36 IB-335 260-RU-30 RU-5238
TP-769 7602-0210-37 IB-320 280-RU-30 RU-5240
XLBC-6 XLBC-3 1/2 RU-228-106