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Bearings for Oilfield Equipment

Author: Date:5/2/2015 8:52:45 PM

Bearings for Oilfield Equipment

BIS bearing company supply Bearings for Oilfield Equipment. We have many stock for them ,general many of our Bearings for Oilfield Equipment main export to Iran, the Arab countries. we have brands for those bearings : INA ,IKO,NACHI.Following is the stock list .of course ,we only list parts of the stock ,if you have other model require,please contact us .

10431-RT IB-427
10533-RIT IB-446
10565-RP IB-347
10643-RT IB-670
10700-RIT IB-671
10707-RT AD-10006-A
10769-RP ADA-28344
10787-RIT AD-4812-D
10789-RAD 106173
10808-RIT 106172
10809-RIT 106176
10865-TBV 10552-TVL
10888-TP F-660811
10978-TB 10538-TB
10992-SE 202-X-04
11001-SE 10543-TVL
11020-RT 10544-TVL
11055-RT 10549-TVL
11098-NNU 10550-TVL
11115-RIT 10557-TVL
11116-RA 10542-TVL
11117-RA 10539-A-TB
11118-RA 4456
11125-RA 4463
11126-RA F-200519
11143-RT F-200522
E-1788-B I-2361-G
464778 81292-M
464777 10356-RIU
464779 11309-RIT
464776 11014-RA
HCS-295 544551
HCS-302 544554
HCS-310 544519
HCS-327 10-6162
HCS-331 302-TVL-510
HCS-336 310-TVL-625
SCS-162 202-TVL-620
W-230 195-TVL-470
NU-3040-M 309-TVL-707
NU-3048-M 160-TVB-640
NU-3052-M 60-TP-124
NU-3056-M 80-TP-135
RT-5044 200-TP-171
RU-144 I-2057-B
RU-5130 I-2058-C
RU-5136 21-107-039
RU-5140 ZB-28005
RU-5144 BC-1-B-319401
RU-5222 IB-439
RU-5224 IB-444
RU-5226 IB-593
RU-5228 IB-422
RU-5230 IB-447